Sunday, March 19, 2017

Link Below to Plymouth Digital Photographers Camera Club

Here is the REDIRECT to the PDP Camera Club located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, just south of Boston on the coast.
Hopefully this will eliminate any dead links when people are trying to find our club. has decided to not allow private url domains on their meetup groups, something they did allow for many years.

Thank you for clicking through!

Welcome to all things digital photography for New England.

The link to Plymouth Digital Photography Club in Plymouth, MA is here:

Welcome to a resource of the many ways New England photographers can take their digital photography to new levels.

This will be a clearing house for opportunities to be engaged with other photographers, their work, classes, outings, presentations, retail, galleries, competitions and workshops.

The calendar will list some of the many possible activities put on by camera clubs and meetup groups in the area of Boston.

Click on the type in the calendar to get more info. You must contact the club or people putting on the event, most are not just show up events. Check the websites.
The first entry in dark blue on multiple entry days is for Plymouth Digital Photographers, my meetup group in MA.